Saturday, April 11, 2015

Serenity now!

We need a break. Seriously, I love my little girl more than life itself, but we need a break. At least two nights break. I hate saying that because I love being a mother but that's all I feel like I am these days - a mother. Not an individual or a wife. Reconnecting with your spouse and having adult time? What's that? Sorry, you'll need to speak up. I can't hear anything over the Nursery Rhymes my daughter is streaming on my phone at full blast.

I am not going to lie. Facebook has made that desire even more worse. Lately I have found myself wanting to physically harm all of my friends who are on these wonderful vacations with just their spouse. On the beach, in the city, wherever...I hate them all. (No, not really but there is a huge amount of jealousy there.) I so want that - for just a few days. I don't ask for much.

Sure, we get out. We have date nights once in a blue moon, but that involves a ton of planning and money. Sitting is not free. Family does not live close to us. We don't have a go-to free family sitter in the same town or within 15 minutes of our home. Any date like that requires an hour drive north to my parent's house and well...then there's that other thing...

Our kid is a handful. Spirited is what our doctor calls it. I cannot legitimately ask anyone other than people who are related to me and have no choice but to love me and not hate me forever for dropping off my three-year-old who will wreck havoc on their home within two hours of being there. And what, I would pay for someone to watch her for two nights? How much would that even be? As much as the hotel room, I'm sure. 

T and I recently were hoping we could make a five year anniversary trip somewhere fun. We legitimately thought this was a possibility....until we were told no by our one legitimate option. Because our child is a lot. And they want us to wait until she's in grade school. The thing is I don't think my or T's sanity can hold off for five more years. 

It is disheartening, and it's getting to both me and T. Something has to give eventually, right? You know, before it's my sanity?

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  1. I hope you can find someone willing to "put up with" until she figures out the fight ain't worth it. Because every parent does need a break. Then you can go off alone and remember why sex was such a good idea, lol!