Thursday, April 9, 2015

Moving right along!

It's been more than awhile since I've written on this thing. I was going back and forth on whether I would actually continue the blog with everything going on, but I think I'm pretty set in keeping it going. I miss writing. I miss having time to write, but I am not complaining by any means for the reason why I do not have time to write. Last I wrote, I had just started this journey starting my own law firm. While it has been a little scary with its ups and downs, things have actually shot off a lot quicker than I would have thought. That's a good thing. A very good thing. A blessing, in fact.

I am now in my own office. Originally when I started this I thought for sure that I would be working from home for awhile and meeting people in the community for appointments. That lasted for about a month and maybe four clients tops. The time spent on the road was too much, and well, I needed a home base. So as of February I am in my own little space. It is not much but it is mine. Here I am, just six months out the door, and I am in my own office space. With a sign on the door and everything. (I know, right? So official!)

T has been more than supportive of me through all of this. He is my "silent" partner and while, no, he is not always silent by any means, he has been nothing but my biggest fan and strongest support. He was the one who pushed me to take this step, and he has consistently been the one telling me I could do this and that I was going to succeed. He had more faith in me at times than I had in myself.

While by no means are we smooth sailing or anything along those lines, things are moving along. This dream I had years ago that I happened to decide to turn into reality because of a bad work situation is really going somewhere. It is crazy how things work, isn't it? A year ago I would not have believed you if you had told me that I would be working for myself and running my own business. (I would say - be careful and do not say it too loudly. This break room is bugged!) Just kidding, just kidding...well, no actually part of that is serious, but still....

That leap was so worth it, and I cannot wait to see what lies ahead. And I do promise to actually regularly blog. I may be busy, but I should always take that time for other small things in life that I love. Brian Williams, Guinness and writing, of course.

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  1. And buckets for the leaks. Don't forget the buckets.